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About the College

S.B.V.R. Degree College was started in the year 1979. Since its inception the college has gone from strength to strength. Now it is one of the “oldest college” in our District with students strength of about 1000. To keep pace with sweeping changes that are taking place in the higher education sphere, our college acquired and added many Modern Infrastructural facilities and latest Technical I.T. related facilities.


  • To develop the institute as a knowledge centre.
  • To upgrade the existing Labs and to develop new Labs as per the requirement.
  • To improve the consultancy and extension activities.
  • motivate the faculty and students to undertake “Research – Publication work”.
  • To provide the best infrastructure required for building up a centre excellence.
  • To prepare ideal citizens to serve the society.
  • To enable students to live in Social Harmony as an individual and as cohesive unit in society in general and as a unit in Teaching-Learning Process in particular.

Principal Profile


Dr. B. Ramalakshmi Reddy, was born on 20th May, 1958. He completed his schooling at Zilla Parishath High School, Tekurpet, Kadapa District and studied his Degree at Government Arts College for Men, Kadapa. Later he obtained his M.Sc., in Zoology and Ph.D., from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. He was appointed as Lecturer in Zoology in S.B.V.R. Aided Degree College, Badvel on 13-6-1985. During his student days and later as Lecturer he has been actively participating in many state level and national level seminars and presented some seminal papers. He has also contributed a number of articles to many journals. He has put up a service of 25 years as Reader in Zoology before being appointed as Principal of the College in July, 2010. Since then he has effected many admirable academic and administrative changes on the campus, winning the approbation from one and all.

Staff List

Teaching Staff
S.NO Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification
1 Dr.B.Rama lakshmi Reddy Principal M.Sc, Ph.d.
2 P.Bhaskar Reddy Lecturer M.A
3 K.Nagamaheswara Reddy Lecturer M.A
4 P.Sreenivasulu Reddy Lecturer M.Sc
5 G.Venkata SubbaiahLecturer M.Sc, B.Ed
6 B.Sura Reddy Lecturer M.Sc,M.Phil
7 T.Sreenivasulu Reddy Lecturer M.A
8 Dr.P.Gurivi Reddy Reader M.Sc, Ph.D
9 Dr.K.Venkata Subba Reddy Reader M.Sc, P.h.D
10 M.Ayyavaru Reddy Lecturer M.A
11 P.Hariharanatha Reddy Lecturer M.A
12 G.Veera Raghava Reddy Lecturer M.A
13 Dr.S.Subba Rayudu Lecturer M.Sc, Ph.D
14 M.Subba Reddy Lecturer M.Sc
15 N.Santaiah Lecturer M.Sc
16 S.Bhaskar Rao Lecturer M.Sc
17 Dr.K.Venkata Rao Lecturer M.Sc,M.Phil, Ph.D
18 H.Venkata Subbaiah Lecturer M.Sc
19 V.Kalyan Kumar Lecturer M.A, M.Ed
20 M.Thulasi Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed
21 D. Chennaiah Lecturer M.A., B.Ed
22 C.Chandra Lecturer M.Sc
23 M.Nagesh Lecturer M.Sc, (M.Phil)
24 O.Narasimhulu Lecturer M.Sc
25 C.Sreenuvasa Reddy Lecturer M.C.A
26 K.Jayasubba Reddy Lecturer M.Sc
27 B.Veerasekhar Reddy; Lecturer M.Sc
28 A.Ramamohan Reddy Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed
29 Y.Kiran Kumar Lecturer M.Com ,B.Ed
30 Ch. Eswaraiah Lecturer M.Com., B.Ed., MBA., APSET
31 M. Aparna Lecturer M.Com
32 C. Rajeevi Lecturer M.Com
33 G.Subba Rayudu Lecturer M.A, M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil,(Ph.D)
34 A.Satyavani Lecturer M.Sc
35 B.Ramudu Physical director M.P.Ed
Non-Teaching Staff
S.NO Name of  the Candidate Design Qualification
1 A.Subba rami reddy Sr. Asst B.A
2 K.Sudhakara reddy Jr.Asst B.Sc
3 O.Narasimha reddy Jr.Asst B.Sc
4 S.S.Davood peera valli Typist B.Sc
5 P.Rama subba reddy Store Keeper B.A
6 V.Raghava reddy Store Keeper 10th
7 D.Subba reddy L/R Asst Inter
8 P.V.Narasa reddy L/R Asst B.A
9 S.Ghouse basha L/R Asst Inter
10 Y.Venkateswarlu L/R Asst B.A
11 T.Sudhakara reddy L/R Asst Inter
12 A.Rathnamaiah L/R Asst M.A
13 B.Ramachandra reddy L/R Asst Inter
14 B.Krishna reddy Attainder Inter
15 P.Bala subbaiah Attainder 9th
16 K.Eswara reddy Attainder 10th
17 V.Venkateswara reddy Attainder B.A
18 M.Venkata ramanaiah Gas’s Man I.T.I
19 M.Jayarami reddy Attainder Inter
20 T.Sudha rani Attainder B.A
21 M.Sunitha Attainder 9th
22 G.Raghavaiah Attainder B.A
23 V.Ramasubbareddy Water Man 7th
24 T.Chennakesavulu Gardener 7th
25 P.Venkata subbaiah Sweeper 7th
26 P.Subbanna Gardener 7th
27 O.Tirupati reddy Watchman 7th
28 M.Venkatesh Scavenger 7th
29 Ch. Subramanyam Sweeper VII Class
30 D. Rama Suresh Comp. Operator B.Sc(MPComp)

Course Offered

Group Combinations Intake

Botany-Zoology-Chemistry (TM ) – 2 sections. 95
Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry (TM ) – 2 sections 95
Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry (EM) 50
Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science (EM) 50
Mathematics-Statistics-Computer Science (EM) 50
B.Com (Gen) Commerce Subjects (TM ) 60
B.Com(CA) Computer Applications (EM) 60

History-Economics-Political Sci. (TM ) 60
History-Economics-Spl. Telugu (TM ) 30
History-Economics-Philosophy (TM ) 30
History-Economics-Public Admn. (TM ) 60
Commerce-Economics-Rural Banking (TM ) 60