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About Us

Our founder Sri Bijivemula Veera Reddy was born 1927 in Chinnakesampalli, a village in the Kadapa District. Despite his humble and rural background, Veera Reddy rose to become a leading politician. He was a Cabinet Minister for Minor Irrigation, Agriculture and the Minister for Animal Husbandry.

As a visionary, he founded the Badvel & Sidhout Higher Education Committee, exclusively for the children living in rural areas. They had no access to schools, or higher education. Thus, he started the committee with one aim in mind: Spreading Knowledge.

Our Vision

Our vision is to impart quality education by inculcating a value based, skill- oriented form of learning. This is to aid in the transition of become a well-rounded student that can cater to the changing global needs-thus fostering global competencies among students.

However, we also believe in order to develop a dynamic mechanism in learning, a well-rounded holistic education is essential, such as raising awareness and inculcating consciousness among students about pressing issues such as: Environment Protection, Women Empowerment, Rural Development, Human Rights etc., in order to contribute to the National Development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to adopted humble aspirations of our visionary, and impart quality education to students at affordable fees. We believe that a regular monitoring of the ongoing activities, and our determination to strive hard to maintain a good academic record and a conducive atmosphere is our path to excellence.